Monday, January 24, 2011

An Artists Talk with Handmade Meaning Contributors

The first of two large events associated with the Handmade Meaning exhibit occurred yesterday.  Artists Susan White of Madison, Anne Kingsbury and Courtney Heimerl, both of Milwaukee, all gathered to speak abut their work and then answered questions as a panel, moderated by Prof. Beverly Gordon of the Design Studies Department.  Each artist gave a talk about their working methods and piece(s) in the show.  Some themes discussed by the, in both their talks and in the Q&A focused on time, repetition, and meditation.  

White presented a new performance art piece where she examined the role of making and notion of work without producing an object through crocheting a chain, the foundation of all crocheted objects.  Kingsbury talked at length about the role time plays in her art practice of beading images of her journals, where she records the time it takes her to complete activities.  Heimerl gave a history of her involvement with craft.  Her embroidery is featured in the show, and the theme she takes up in the objects on display are death and coming to terms with it as a life process.

The panel, from left to right: Courtney Heimerl, Anne Kingsbury, Susan White, and Beverly Gordon.
Susan White's talk.
A detail of Anne Kingsbury's beaded record of time.
Courtney Heimerl's modified t-shirts, made as part of Milwaukee's Fasten clothing cooperative.

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