Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Lascaux Dreams" by Teresa Getty

 This exhibition will be on display in the Memorial Union Porter Butts Gallery until September 17th, from 10AM until 8PM every day.

Mara Champagne, the Summer Coordinator for the WUD Art Committee and the new Associate Director of the Memorial Union Galleries and Submissions, will be leading a special tour for the Material Culture Focus Group on Thursday, September 12th at 4PM.  Please join us for the event!

Artist's statement:

"I want my process-driven paintings and drawings to be documents of some thing. This drive is rooted in contemplating the commensal relationship of man and machine; one lived first hand with my machine-dependent daughter. I am compelled to document her life while struggling to redefine my mistrust of mechanical progress, but the result is not a representational visual record. Process generates content, weaving time and memory into mark."

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