Monday, November 1, 2010

Visions of Belter

Allusions to Belter.

The artist, Josh Hebbert, looking artsy and contemplative.

Inspired by Prof. Martin's Early American Decorative Arts class and the field trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum, artist Joshua Hebbert created a  wooden bench reminiscent of the Belter sofa in  the Chipstone Foundation's collection.  "I used a pallet for the basic structure, and then added decorative elements out of OSB to give it a backrest and armrests," he says.  Nice work!

Here was the work day that led to the sofa:


1.  made coffee
2.  paced around and feel listless
3.  made a to do list
4.  got necessary items crossed off to do list
5.  decided that I should sit down and collage
6.  realized that I didn't have room on my table to collage
7.  started cleaning off the table, only to find that I didn't have any space to put my stuff
8.  made a bench
9.  made it Victorian

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  1. Great work Josh. It's always interesting to see another artist's interpretation of a previous work. I am currently studying a Chippendale style chair that is possibly a reproduction of its 18th century predecessor. Check it out at
    Let me know if you need an upholsterer for any of your projects!