Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Wisconsin Decorative Arts Database

In October 2010, Wisconsin Heritage Online newsletter featured the Wisconsin Decorative Arts database for its user-friendliness: "The Wisconsin Decorative Arts Database uses a different subject heading thesaurus and a thorough description of the item to make the collection material highly retrievable."

Emily Pfotenhauer created the database as an offshoot of the work she did for her master's thesis in the Art History department.  Each object record contains a wealth of information researched and documented by Pfotenhauer.  Some of the items in the database will be featured in an upcoming exhibition at the James Watrous Gallery.  To show the richness of the object records, one only needs to look at a hair wreath from Mayville.   

This database, along with many others, is connected with the Wisconsin Heritage Online, allowing users to enter a search term and receive a variety of results, including decorative arts objects, books, documents, photographs, diaries, newspapers, and more.

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