Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pricey Pee Pots

June 10, 2010 by UW-Madison Material Culture Focus Group
An article in The Economist’s March 24, 2010 issue addresses authenticity in copies of  Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain,” a urinal displayed as a work of art, part of the artist’s broader series of readymades.  It also gives some insight into the contemporary art market, and the ever-present questions in art history and material culture centering around monetary value, meaning, and cultural worth.  Found art, especially this one, presents no easy answers, but the ongoing discussion continues to fuel the art world and aspects of Modernism.
Closer to home is Wisconsin’s own John Michael Kohler Arts Center, with its artist-designed washrooms.  Six artists created unique bathrooms, and the website provides images and a description of each one.  Click on over there to see them, especially Matt Nolen’s work, which presents an architectural history lesson on tiles.  The history of architecture while sitting awhile in the bathroom is not a bad way to multitask…

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