Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Revamped Website, Brought to You by Carrie Roy!

June 10, 2010 by UW-Madison Material Culture Focus Group
The Material Culture Program has a revamped website.  Yay!  Please check it out.  The spotlight of this post is on Carrie Roy, the site’s designer.

Carrie, the ever-surprising, talented, multilingual website designer extraordinaire.

Carrie is a dissertator in the Department of Scandinavian Studies, concentrating on the concepts of binding and animism in metalworking, woodworking, textile production, and other creative processes in ninth- and tenth-century Norse culture. Her favorite aspect of the website is the interactive desk on the front page.  It may seem like frou-frou, but to her “objects disclose new compartments of information, connections, and relationships that often go unseen.”  It symbolizes the intriguing puzzles and subtle clues that object study holds, Carrie’s favorite aspect of material culture.

Raised on a ranch in North Dakota, she proudly acknowledges her rural roots, ivy league education, artistic talents, AND her stint as Miss North Dakota 2000–but only alongside her discus, shot put, power-cleaning, and bench pressing accomplishments.  As she says, “I’m not a girly-girl.”  (Talk about a brickhouse!)  In addition to this, she avidly rides her bike around town, and she recently put on skates to try out for a roller derby team.

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