Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Symposium Recap

April 8, 2010 by UW-Madison Material Culture Focus Group
Fun times for the Focus Group’s first symposium, which will turn into an annual event.    HUGE THANKS TO BA AND CARRIE for their monumental efforts putting everything together.  BA acted as primary organizer, securing Mr. Gates for the event and moderating the event in various ways.  Carrie designed the poster and brochures, in addition to overseeing the presentation submissions and presenting her own work that inspired our “Object as Interface” theme.

HUGE THANKS ALSO GO TO THEASTER GATES for graciously agreeing to be our guest speaker.  He spoke about his experience as an artist, leaving us with many considerations.

The huge thought-provoking issue that struck me was how one’s academic work can be socially aware and socially responsible.  Having work that will matter to others besides the academic world or that will engage social issues beyond theory and abstraction is important to me, but the way in which to go about it eludes me.  This will, obviously, require further thinking.

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